2023 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for a 5 year old boy

2023 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for a 5 year old boy

In years past, Knox wouldn't give me a lot of information to work with on what to get him for birthdays and Christmas, so our motto was "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit". This year he is pretty opinionated on what he is into and what he wants Santa to bring, so Santa better deliver. Unfortunately, it is December 7th and Santa has not gotten around to it yet.

Next year my goal is to be that person that starts months in advance and is chillin' with a glass of wine this time of year laughing at all the people who waited until the last minute. But, since I am currently the person next year me is laughing at, I figured there were probably other moms out there who need some last minute gifts as well. I've added my 5 year old's wishlist below that includes all items that can be delivered in time for Christmas. Hooray!


First up, a chess computer. Okay, hear me out. We were at my in-law's house for Thanksgiving and my father in law had this chess computer sitting on the counter. Knox started asking about it and was quickly obsessed. It is a really cool gift because it is something that you can do alone. Knox loves playing games, but there aren't a lot that only require 1 person and there's only so many times I can play Chutes and Ladders. This is perfect for him because the computer plays against him. Knox makes a move and the computer senses where his piece was placed. The computer then lights up the piece and then the game space it wants that piece to move to. You can choose the level you want the computer to play at. I've included below the exact one my in-laws have and also a cheaper option! 

Chess computer

DGT Centaur Chess Computer 

cheaper option chess computer

Cheaper Chess Computer Option


The next item he wanted was a game he played at his friend's house. He said it was "SO COOL" and needed to have it as soon as possible. It's called Sink N' Sand and lucky for us it is currently on sale. Warning: it does contain kinetic sand, but it doesn't look like it will be too big of a mess and remember "SO COOL", so totally worth it.

Sink N Sand

Sink N Sand Game


The next thing on his list was a remote control car. There are a million of these on amazon, but here is the one Knox is getting.  I'm going to be honest here and let you know that I didn't spend a ton of time researching which one to get, however,  I did see that 130 parents took the time to give it 4.9 stars so I feel pretty confident in my decision. 

Remote Control Car

Wireless Remote Control Car


We have a great neighborhood to ride bikes in, so even though Knox currently has a bike, it was time to level up. My husband and I have been back and forth a million times on whether to get one of the high end kids bikes. Are they really worth it? "When I was learning to ride a bike I got a used one from the neighbor". "Mine was 20 buck from Walmart." And on, and on, and on. If you haven't heard of Woom bikes, be warned they are EXPENSIVE. So what changed our minds? First off, when we go on walks our kids would rather walk than ride their current bikes. "it's too slow, too heavy, too wobbly". While on these walks we would see kids as young as 2 or 3 riding Wooms without training wheels. Every time I asked a parent "is it REALLY worth it?" I would hear a resounding yes. Apparently the Woom bikes are ultra lightweight making them extremely easy for a child to balance on. They also have great resale value and a trade in program. You can click the link below for $50 off. 

 Woom Bike Blue

Link for $50 off 


This next item isn't actually on Knox's wishlist, but I think it's something he will really enjoy. It's a portable drumset, and before you think I just like to torture myself, you should know that it comes with headphones. It's small, lightweight, and easy to carry/store. Plus, who knows if your kid might be the next Travis Barker.

Portable Drum Set

Portable Drum Set for Kids


I know clothes are not the most exciting thing to receive, but it's a necessity. Knox loves the Stoker Jackets. He wears it to school almost every morning now that it's colder. He's been telling me he needs a bigger size though, so new jacket it is. These are awesome because they are a nice organic cotton corduroy on the outside and a warm sherpa fleece on the inside. They have a hood to protect those little ears from the cold wind and a zipper to easily slip on and off. 

stoker jacket

Stoker Jacket


This basketball hoop goes on the back of their bedroom door. It keeps score, has an announcer, and a dunking sensor. It comes with 2 balls so they can play alone or with a friend/sibling. I also have a feeling it will keep him occupied just long enough for me to watch whatever episode is currently airing on Bravo. Win, win. 


Basketball Hoop

Over the Door Basketball Hoop 

 This last item was actually on my nephew's wishlist, but I think Knox will love it too. It's a remote control shark boat. Anytime it is in water it will work, so I think this will make taking a bath actually fun and not a chore, making mom life easier (see a theme here?). It will also be perfect for the pool and lake when it's a little warmer.

Shark Boat

Bass Pro Remote Control Trick Shark Boat

I hope this was helpful, keep an eye out for my 4 year old daughter's list. Let me know if you want to see what will be going in their stockings! 


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