2023 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for 4 Year Old Girl

2023 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for 4 Year Old Girl

Is 4 a good age or what? You are out of the terrible 2s and 3s, they are old enough to play on their own and to tell you exactly what they need or want. They are still super loving and want to be helpful. On Christmas morning they are so innocent and excited. They aren't skeptical yet and Santa, mom and dad are the best. Life is good. 

If you haven't read my previous blog post for 5 year old boys yet, I'll summarize it. Hi, my name is Logan and I am a procrastinator. If you too are a procrastinator, here are gifts that can arrive before Christmas. 

So, copy, paste. Here is my last minute gift guide for 4 year old girls.

This year Siss's one request was a REAL kitchen. "Like the one you have, mama, but in my room". Cool, cool. Since I most definitely wasn't going to drop 30k to add a second kitchen to my home we had to improvise. We ended up going with the below kitchen as it looked the most realistic and had many of the things a real kitchen would have. 

Kid's kitchen

Tiny Land Play Kitchen


We wanted to have something in her kitchen that "actually worked", so we found this mini fridge that we can put in her room next to it. This one is really tiny and won't take up too much space. It comes in a variety of colors and isn't too pricey considering it's a working fridge. I'm sure I will have to be the beverage police, but it's a price I'm willing to pay. 

blue mini fridge

Frigidaire Mini Fridge


To complete the kitchen you have to have all the items to go IN the kitchen. This has turned into a whole thing 🤦‍♀️. Measuring spoons, pots, plates etc. I've added the ones we are getting below.

pots and pans for kids

Melissa & Doug pots & pans


kitchen accessories

Montessori Kitchen Tools Safe for Kids


kids plates and utensils

Kids plates and utensils


Siss has ALWAYS loved babies. She loves little ones, big ones, realistic ones, stuffed ones, I mean, she's a true baby connoisseur. So even though she has a very full nursery, it just wouldn't fly to not have a baby for her Christmas morning. This year she wanted real twins. Yeahhhh, that's not happening. So here's the next best thing I could come up with. Even though these dolls sort of creep me out, I know she will love them. 

twin baby dolls

Realistic twin baby dolls


Admittedly, Siss did not request the next item, but I think she will be really excited. Roller skates! I remember having my birthday party at the roller rink and it was the COOLEST place to be. Apparently, they are coming back and who am I to deprive my child of that joy?! 

roller skates for girls

Rainbow Roller Skates 


Here is the helmet we are getting her to go with them. Unicorn everything.

unicorn helmet

Kid's Unicorn Helmet


Staying on the unicorn theme, a robe! My kids love nothing more than the be comfy and cozy while at home. This will be the perfect new addition to her wardrobe.

unicorn robe for kids

Girls Unicorn Robe


My girl loves skirts and dresses, her favorite clothes are twirly and girly. She loves our Evie skirts and it's time to size up, so she will be getting these in both colorways.

evie skirt golden stripe

Evie Skirt Golden Stripe

evie skirt in lucky green

Evie Skirt Lucky


This last item was on my niece's wishlist, but I know anything Lilah wants Siss will also want. It's a guitar - pink of course - that helps them learn to play. There is a learning app you can download and only 3 strings making it as easy as possible for them. Customers say that it is well made and built to last. 

pink guitar

Loog Mini Acoustic Kids Guitar


I hope this was helpful! I would love to hear what your kids are wishing for this Christmas. Let us know in the comments or on Instagram! 



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