green is good sustainability for kids clothing

Why is sustainability so important?

If you know Bizz x Siss, I hope you also know that we value sustainability. 


Before having kids I really didn’t think all that much about organic, eco-friendly, sustainable, green, and all of those words that were honestly, just words at the time. Yeah, it was important (right?) but at the time I didn’t really understand why and I didn’t take the time to dive into it. 


When I had Bizz we found out pretty quickly that he had eczema. We ended up having to switch to all natural diapers, wipes, lotions, and basically anything that touched his skin. When the changes we were making actually started working, I began researching and looking into the why behind it all. I did a deep dive and ended up switching our household cleaners, detergents, tossing the candles and more.. but all of that is for another day (keep an eye out for our cleaner swaps blog post :))


It turns out that children’s skin is thinner than adults and therefore much more sensitive to chemicals and toxins as they are absorbing more than adults. Kinda scary, right? Organic cotton is grown without the herbicides, pesticides, and all of those other frightening sounding (but actually frightening) chemicals. You can’t completely eliminate exposure to these potentially harmful chemicals, but you can limit it. At Bizz x Siss we made the switch in 2021 to organic and sustainable materials. We want you to be able to trust that what you are putting on your little one’s skin is safe.


The harsh chemicals are not the only issue though. The production of clothing is incredibly damaging to our environment. Fashion is the 2nd largest offender of water and plastic pollution. When you choose sustainable materials, you can reduce the carbon footprint, water usage and waste associated with the production process. We love our Mother Earth and want to keep her happy and healthy! 


A big problem in the children’s industry specifically is that kids grow very fast and therefore need new clothes more often. We do our best to take this into consideration when choosing our materials and fit. You will notice that a lot of our styles are unisex and tend to run on the larger side. We want your child to be able to wear these clothes for as long as possible, and when they can’t anymore, our hope is that our high quality fabrics have held up well enough to be passed on to cousins, friends, siblings, or to be donated. According to it is estimated that 11.3 million tons of textile waste ends up in landfills on a yearly basis due to the average consumer throwing away 81.5 lbs of clothing each year. Let’s change that!


We are committed to making our world a better place, little by little. For us, it starts with how our clothes are produced. Sustainability really does matter.





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