The Walkin' on Sunshine Collection

walkin’ on sunshine

fall ‘22 collection

When designing a new collection I like to imagine what it is like to see things through a child’s eyes. Each day brings adventure where imagination can run wild and the possibilities are endless. The Walkin’ on Sunshine collection was inspired by the joy and euphoria of a child. We’ve included colorful and fun designs that allow kids to find and explore the details. I love hearing things like “Look mom! That bear is playing a guitar!”.

This season we focused on our fabrics, choosing even softer materials that are still organic and sustainable. We’ve added new styles such as an ultra soft cotton crepe set for babies, flutter tee shirts, cozy knits, and a heavier jacket for chilly weather. Small details like snaps at the neck and crotch for easy changes and zipper covers are included to make our line functional and easy. Our goal for the entire Bizz x Siss line is to have clothing that allows kids to be kids and to be as comfortable and confident as possible while doing it. We will always aspire for parents and children to gravitate towards our clothing. We hope that this collection brings you as much joy as it does us!

xx, Logan Shortt

owner & creative designer